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Field Testers of All Shapes and Sizes.

Field Testers of All Shapes and Sizes.

As part of our goal to provide our customer's with the very best Irish-made wool pet products, we enlist a good number of "Field Testers" to try out our products. Intended to provide useful design feedback to our development team, we additionally enjoy the stories that come in from testing!

As we all know dogs (and lambs) can be very entertaining – especially when they think no one is watching. From our Field Staff we have received lovely images of our testers in action, wonderful testimonials and excellent, useful feedback on our product designs.

In return, our Field Testers enjoy ambassador-tier pricing, occasional free stuff and a periodic sneak peek at products soon to be unveiled, for feedback and testing. We also offer our testers a "friends and family" discount code to share with, well, friends and family!

IF you would like to join our Field Staff, email us by filling in the form on the Contact Us page and we will send along our application for signup, accompanied by the requirements for what you will be expected to do/provide as a Sheepish Dog Field Tester straight away. Join today and start "Barkin' Out Loud" with the rest of us!



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