About Us

Suffolk sheep. That’s the beginning of our story. Add to it some locally sheared fleece, a few smart dogs, some gorgeous Irish-woven wool fabrics, a fabulous and talented sewing team and you have it – a company devoted to designing and crafting Irish-made pet products inspired by the rural lifestyle of Co. Mayo, Ireland. We love sheep. We love wool. And most of all, we love our dogs – sheepish or not.

It All Started With A Small Flock of Sheep.

When we moved from the states to Co. Mayo, Ireland back in 2015, the 62-acre farm came with a flock of 25 resident Suffolk sheep. The following summer when we sheared them, we were surprised to learn that there was very little demand for their fleece, and that wool prices were at an all-time low as a result. So low, in fact, that selling it barely covered the cost of shearing.

We knew from our own dogs that wool was a preferred sleeping surface, and that got us thinking. One thing led to another, and before long we were experimenting with different methods of cleaning and preparing raw wool for use in a dog bed.

After considerable testing, we found that wool was indeed a favorable filling that dogs preferred over non-wool filled beds. We then contacted a family-owned woollen mill to the south to provide us with cosy wool fabric for the outer bed covers, and we began buying cutting and sewing equipment, recruiting sewers from the local community and buying raw wool from neighbouring farmers. While all this was going on our sheep were having lambs and before long the flock had grown to over 60 – and it wasn't long after that, we were in the dog bed business.

The Sheepish Dog™ dog beds are tailored by our own, highly skilled sewing team in Newport, using beautiful Irish-woven wool fabrics, machine-washable, dry-finish waxed cotton canvas and filled with our very own blend of locally sourced wool that has been processed in our fibre mill located just outside of Newport, Ireland. We are 100% Irish-owned and our dog beds are 100% Irish-made – and filled with pure wool shorn from sheep that graze in the pastures, bogs and rocky hillsides of Co. Mayo, Ireland.

Our Philosophy:

  • We believe that a dog bed should be a cosy retreat for your pet.
  • We especially believe that not all dog beds are created equal.
  • We believe that a premium quality dog bed is a good investment for both you and your dog.
  • We believe that dog beds made of and filled with sheep wool are better than the rest – for a whole lot of reasons.

On Dog Owners:

  • We believe that you should get more than you pay for and not vice versa.
  • We believe that a new dog bed should be something fun to buy.
  • We believe that you should snuggle with your dog as often as you can.

On Dogs:

  • We believe that all dogs deserve the love and friendship of a good home.
  • We believe that stinky dogs should take a bath.
  • We believe that good dogs should be rewarded with a premium Sheepish Dog™ dog bed.