How They're Made

Wool Dog Beds Made in Ireland.

Our Products Begin in the Barn. Literally.

Wool is a fiber that quietly lives on in rural Irish life. While newer, synthetic fibers have worked hard to push this fuzzy wonder aside, we are determined to pass along the unique and sustainable benefits of wool to our customers. With more sheep than people, Ireland is notorious for its fleecy population. According to the Irish Farmer’s Journal, the latest figures show that there are in fact more sheep in Ireland than there are humans. Our population stands at just under 4.8 million, while there are almost 5.2 million sheep in the country.

The Inside of Our Beds:

All of the beds are filled with our own special mix of locally sourced wool that has been processed in our Co Mayo fibre mill. In fact, we shear, skirt, scour, pick and blend all of the fiber that goes into the insert of our beds. We use ecologically friendly, bio-degradable soap to remove the natural lanolin from the wool and we simply compost the remaining bits of wool that don’t make the quality cut.

Locally Sourced Wool: Residing in Newport, Co Mayo, we collect wool from our local community of farmers. In fact, over 80+ family farms in the Mayo area contributed to our start-up efforts.

Once collected, the wool is sorted and “skirted” into various categories at our facility for processing. We then prepare for scouring by carefully eliminating any and all vegtable matter, dags and anything else that might effect the quality of the end fiber mix. Scouring is a simple, yet tedious, washing process that removes the lanolin that is naturally found in a sheep’s fleece. Following the scouring process, the wool is left to air dry in a temperature-controlled drying room where the fleece returns to its natural, springy locks.

It is then sorted again by weight and type and gently put through our giant “picker” machine. It is at this stage that we combine various breed types of wool fibres together allowing us to create the perfect combination of fiber body, spring and texture for filling our bed inserts. The picker also generates a very uniform fibre that allows us to evenly fill the inserts. This step is a critical one for eliminating the lumps and bumps associated with merely stuffing clumps of clean wool into a bed. Once the wool is put into the insert, the uniform fibre essentially felts onto itself to take on the shape of the insert and form a wonderful wool “mattress” for your pet.

The Outside of Our Beds:

Irish blanket wool is a beautiful and romantic part of the Irish life. The history of the woollen mill is a fascinating story on its own with mills dating back more than 125 years – some remaining under the management of the original families that started them. The rustic fiberes are woven into gorgeous works of art - and these timeless blankets are cherished as an important part of Irish culture.

The wool fabrics we use are not only handsome and luxurious in looks - but because they offer the same incredible wool benefits as our wool filling, they make ultra-comfortable pet bed covers. All of the wool fabrics we use are woven for us by mills located right here in Ireland – and never with imported wools from Asia or other non-Irish sources.

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Manufactured in Newport, Co Mayo – Local Love.

Of course materials are only part of our story. To get this right, we did a bit of our own scouring - seeking out only the most talented sewing team we could find in Co Mayo. Our incredible team is not only passionate about sewing, but they share our belief that a product of Ireland should be the best it can be. And, that a product of the West of Ireland should be that much better still.

The studio, located in Newport, is where we design, cut and sew our products. Our sewing team is a group of highly qualified and experienced industrial sewers, making the mission to produce premium handmade, tailored products with the highest attention to detail easily attainable. The talent is exceptional – and you will immediately notice the results when you buy a product from us.