Pet Rescue Program

At The Sheepish Dog pet products, us dogs are pretty lucky to a have warm, friendly place to go home to when we call it a day. Some dogs, sadly, are not as lucky. At The Sheepish Dog, we want to do what we can to help make adoption of a homeless pet affordable. We know that adopted dogs can require healthcare, shots, surgery and other costly vet stuff. We commend and admire those who are willing to do their part to help reduce the number of dogs with no home by adopting their pets from quality animal shelters.

Adopted Dogs Qualify For Comfy Discount.

If you have recently rescued a dog from a shelter, you may quality for our Rescued Dog Bed Program.

If you provide documentation of your recent adoption along with a photo (jpg via email) of the dog you have rescued, we will email you a promotional code for 25% off any Sheepish Dog pet bed or pet throw. Shipping is free, too! All we ask is that you periodically post a snapshot or two of your rescued pup along with an update on his/her progress in your home on the Sheepish Dog Facebook page.