Cara Tweed & Waxed Cotton Snug

Our Lovely Irish Tweed Dog Bed Is A Favorite.

The Cara, one of our tweed snugs made from smart-looking wool tweed married with washable waxed cotton canvas is designed for smaller breeds seeking the security and warmth of sidewalls around them. Smart-looking, cosy wool fabrics offer classic benefits like breathability, warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Constructed with heavy duty, tailored seams and attention to detail only available from hand-made quality products.

Offered in FOUR sizes:

Dogs/Cats up to 15 lbs.
16"x 20" (41x51cm) Outer Dimension
12"x 16" (30x41cm) Interior Dimension

Dogs up to 30 lbs.
18"x 24" (46x61cm) Outer Dimension
14"x 20" (36x51cm) Interior Dimension

NEW! Medium Plus:
Dogs up to 40 lbs.
20"x 30" (46x76cm) Outer Dimension
16"x 26" (36x66cm) Interior Dimension

Dogs up to 60 lbs.
24"x 34" (61x81cm) Outer Dimension
20"x 30" (51x71cm) Interior Dimension

Outside: Cosy, sidewall-style bed design, hand-tailored to exacting standards features fine, abrasion-resistant Irish rustic tweed and machine washable, waxed-cotton canvas cover construction. Zippered compartments accessed at the inner base of the bed allows for removal of insert pillows for easy washing of outer cover as required.

Separate base cushion also features a hidden zip closure allowing for pillow removal when washing is required. Sidewall construction of base cushion provides long-lasting shape and loft. Bottom of the bed cover features washable waxed-cotton canvas for resistance to floor abrasion.

Inside: Five independent pillows are generously filled with our own locally sourced sheep wool blend which is processed in our own fiber mill for maximum comfort and loft. Main cushion insert features channel design to keep fiber from pushing out to the sides ("dishing") as found with cheaper pillow-style cushions. 


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